Children’s Hospital of Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center was founded as Children’s Free Hospital in 1886 and is the third oldest hospital in the nation. We are proud of the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics was founded in Detroit. CHM serves as a major referral center in southeastern Michigan. We offer residency and fellowship opportunities in most pediatric subspecialties. We are fortunate to see a broad range of pathology as well as provide primary care to thousands of children in the region. CHM has a state-of-the-art facility that is child friendly. Working in a hospital that is dedicated to the care of children, you will find all of the physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff knowledgeable and comfortable in working with children, from child-sized equipment to a team of specialists that are trained to minimize the anxiety and stress of our young patients.

The ED at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan is one of the busiest in the World. We are a level-1 pediatric trauma center, a regional burn and poison control center. We care for over 85,000 sick and injured children annually who have diverse ethnicity and pathology. Our academic faculty group consists of over 50 pediatric emergency physicians, pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners. We also have one of the largest, most competitive pediatric emergency medicine fellowships in the United States. Our Emergency Department is supported by a full complement of pediatric and pediatric surgical subspecialties as well as ancillary services such as child life, child-friendly imaging services and a pediatric sedation service.

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan at Troy opened February 1st, 2016. This brand new facility has a 10-bed Emergency Department and an observation area for children who require more care.   The ED at Troy will be staffed by pediatric experts from the main ED in Detroit. Because of this seamless structure, children in Troy will enjoy the same high quality of care as those at the main hospital. Quality is ensured by using the same evidence-based care protocols and patient safety initiatives. Additionally, care in Troy will be provided in an ultra-efficient style, using LEAN methodology. This process was developed by Toyota to ensure high quality and limit waste, which are vital in healthcare. Actually, the entire Children’s Hospital of Michigan at Troy building was constructed using LEAN methodology.