Block Schedule – Third Year

7 blocks Pediatric ED
5 blocks Research
1 block Elective
(includes 4 week vacation)

Pediatric Emergency Department

The third year emphasizes the development of your leadership and multitasking skills as you develop your own algorithm to approach emergent issues in an organized and prioritized manner. You will multitask and work to maintain patient flow as you gain confidence in your clinical decisions and enhance your ability to disposition patients effectively and safely. During your third year you have 12 shifts during each ED block that are 9 hours in duration.


During your third year of fellowship you should aim to focus on manuscript for publication and/or poster submissions. You will continue to work on QI projects within the Pediatric ED. You also are required to have published a minimum of two case reports or review articles prior to graduation.


Everybody has unique interests, and this is your opportunity to pursue training in an area of your choice. Popular electives include: plastics/hand, Burn, ENT, Ophthalmology, Sexual Abuse, Administration, OB-GYN, Dermatology and International Medicine. You have an opportunity to be creative and design your own elective.