Block Schedule – Second Year

7 blocks Pediatric ED
4 blocks Research
1 block Ultrasound
1 block EMS/Risk Management
(includes 4 week vacation)

Pediatric Emergency Department

The second year emphasizes the development of management skills necessary to run a busy high acuity pod in the emergency department setting. You will be the team leader in resuscitations and learn to triage patient emergencies and develop your own algorithm to approach emergent issues in an organized and prioritized manner. You will multitask and work to maintain patient flow as you gain confidence in your clinical decisions and enhance your ability to disposition patients effectively and safely. During your second year you have 12-14 shifts during each ED block. Shifts are 9 hours in duration.


With an approved IRB you will have the opportunity during your second year to implement your project, collect and analyze your data. You will have an opportunity to present your research idea to the CHM fellows for critical feedback. During this time you also will be participating in ongoing QI projects within the PED. You may decide to use this time to write up a case report or review article.


During your second year of fellowship you will rotate at DRH ED for an ultrasound block. Here you will work with interns from all WSU affiliated programs meet with an ultrasound educator in a small group learning environment for half-day sessions. This block will augment your skills for integration of bedside imaging into your everyday practice as an emergency physician. The rotation is entirely in the ED and is team-taught by fellowship-trained EM ultrasound faculty and a registered diagnostic sonographer.

EMS/Risk Management

During this block you work with practice managers, hospital administrators, and attending physicians to learn the business of medicine, contract negotiation, quality improvement, patient safety oversight, and the inner workings of an academic department of emergency medicine. Your time will be split giving you the opportunity to go on ride-alongs with local EMS ambulance providers.