Block Schedule – Year 1

6 blocks Pediatric ED
2 blocks Research
1 block Pediatric Anesthesia
1 block Pediatric Orthopedics
1 block Pediatric Intensive Care
1 block Toxicology
1 block Adult Trauma (DRH)
(includes 4 week vacation)

Your experience during the first year serves as the foundation for your pediatric emergency medicine career and emphasizes training in the emergency department and experience resuscitating and stabilizing critically ill or injured patients.


The first block offers a series of orientations that begins with a formal 3-day PEM Fellows orientation focused on hands-on skills labs, EMR training and interactive lectures on PEM basics. Interspersed throughout the first block will be shifts in the Children’s Hospital of Michigan ED, where you can apply your skills and knowledge while getting to know the staff, flow, logistics, and routine. You get the opportunity to travel to St Louis to attend a 3-day PEM Bootcamp at Washington University.

Pediatric Emergency Department

You spend six blocks in the pediatric ED. Shifts are typically 9 hours in duration which includes an overlap hour. Vacation can be taken during these blocks. You typically have 14 shifts during each ED block your first year. You will work closely with EM faculty to effectively investigate the chief complaint, consider diagnoses “not to miss,” and discern which diagnostic tests or studies are necessary to either identify or exclude emergency conditions.


Research is a significant part of the fellowship program and will help you develop your future career opportunities. You will identify a research mentor who will assist you with your research design, data collection, analysis and manuscript development. Your goal for fellowship is to submit an abstract for publication in order to quality for graduation. You have an opportunity to attend a weekly all fellows’ conference where you will learn about the research process as well as statistics basics needed for research. Additional requirements for graduation include submitting 2 case reports or 1 case report and a review article for publication during fellowship.

Pediatric Critical Care

During your block in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit you will be scheduled for overnight call. You will be responsible for managing patients with complex and diverse critical care needs and gain experience with ventilator management, vascular access procedures, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, and bedside ultrasound. This block is structured to maximize your time with transportable knowledge and skills that you can apply in the emergency department setting.

Pediatric Anesthesia

The pediatric anesthesia block at CHM is structured to provide you with experience in airway management, rapid sequence intubation, difficult airways, and procedures. In addition, you will learn more about anesthesia pharmacology from faculty anesthesiologists and will apply your knowledge to intubation, procedural sedation, and pain management in the Pediatric ED. There are also opportunities to learn techniques of regional anesthesia and nerve blocks.

Pediatric Orthopedics

The Pediatric Orthopedic block at CHM is structured to provide you with experience in x-ray interpretation, fracture and dislocation reduction, splinting/casting and wound management. You will work with hand surgeons, sports medicine specialists in addition to general orthopedic faculty and residents.


During your first year of fellowship you will rotate to The Poison Control Center for an intensive four-week course in toxicology covering the PEM/EM core curriculum in toxicology. You will be rotating with medical students, ER residents and pharmacists.

Adult Trauma

Your adult trauma block is an opportunity to work in the high acute areas of DRH where you will run resuscitations, perform procedures and/or manage the airway with one-on-one coaching from faculty and senior ED residents.